The problem with reliable computers

I remember many years ago my wife had a moped that ran for ages without putting fuel in. The result was that sometimes she would totally forget about fuel and run out.

It is the same with modern computers they are so incredibly reliable that people often neglect the basics of data safety such as running updates, scans and backups and ensuring there is an effective anti virus system running.

For a while you they may get away with this but ask yourself what position you would be in if you irretrievably lost all the data on your system.

If you are backing up does your backup system cover all potential events? If you’re not sure consider what would happen in the event of a flood, burglary or break in. Even if you do a full backup every day what would happen if you accidentally deleted an important file and didn’t realise it for 2 days?

If you have important data a comprehensive backup system should be put in place as soon as possible that covers all eventualities.

When time is short it is easy to think that you’ll do it some other time but what would it mean to you if all your data was irretrievably lost.

I’ll shortly be putting a post up with more in depth details.